Thursday 01.11.18

Happy Birthday Lorena Aceves!

Happy Birthday John Puncer!


1) Ready to kick off the New Year with our Annual Nutrition Challenge? Weigh-ins & Body Fat Measurements will take place at the box beginning on Monday, January 8th thru January 10th.

The Nutrition Challenge will take place from January 15th and end on March 15th.

CrossFit WOD


100 Double Unders

50 Abmat Sit-Ups

25 Med Ball Squat Clean (20/14)

80 Double Unders

40 Abmat Sit-Ups

20 Med Ball Squat Clean (20/14)

60 Double Unders

30 Abmat Sit-Ups

15 Med Ball Squat Clean (20/14)

40 Double Unders

20 Abmat Sit-Ups

10 Med Ball Squat Clean (20/14)

20 Double Unders

10 Abmat Sit-Ups

5 Med Ball Squat Clean (20/14)

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