Wednesday 04.15.15


Happy Birthday Dan Moore!

Happy Birthday Jay Rhodus!


1. Get in an extra stretch, gain flexibility and help your body recover with Yoga being held every Monday at 7:30pm and every Saturday at 8:15am.

CrossFit WOD

For Time:

[min 0 – 9]

EMOM 7 burpees


100 abmat sit-ups

Notes: You must start with 7 burpees then move on to the abmat sit-ups. EMOM you must stop the sit-ups, perform 7 burpees, and then continue the sit-ups until all 100 are completed. Your time ends when you have completed all 100 abmat sit-ups. Any remaining time on the clock is your rest time.

For Time:

[min 10 – 19]

20 DB Thrusters (45/25)

20 Handstand Push-Ups

20 DB Thrusters (45/25)

Notes: Any remaining time on the clock is your rest time

For Time:

[min 20 – 29]

50 Double Unders

800 m Run

50 Double Unders

No WODs Posted

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