Thursday 07.21.16


1) The 2016 CrossFit Games are going down NOW! Catch all the action as the events will be streaming live. It all kicks off on Tuesday through Thursday with Masters and Teen Athletes, followed by Individual Men, Women and Teams on Friday - Sunday. Don't miss out on what most of us will be talking about...get in the action.

2) Reminder: Our Yoga class is every Saturday morning at 8:30am! A vigorous Power Vinyasa flow with attention to detail in alignment and body mechanics. Various breathing techniques and stretching of injury prone areas are incorporated in the practice and a well-deserved rest at the end! All levels welcome - beginners, weekend warriors and Crossfit powerhouses!

Partner WOD


150 Double Unders

50 Toes to Bar

200 m Relay

120 Double Unders

40 Toes to Bar

200 m Relay

90 Double Unders

30 Toes to Bar

200 m Relay

60 Double Unders

20 Toes to Bar

200 m Relay

30 Double Unders

10 Toes to Bar

200 m Relay

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