Thursday 03.05.15

Happy Birthday Michelle Miller!


1) Get in an extra stretch, gain flexibility and help your body recover with Yoga being held every Monday at 7:30pm and every Saturday at 8:15am.

2) The second workout for the 2015 CrossFit Open will be announced TODAY at 5pm! If you have signed up for the Open, join Team Insanity through games.crossfit.com and be a supportive part of our community. This year there is a Rx, Scaled and Teen division so no reason why you can’t jump in on this fun competition. For the next 4 weeks, we will be having Friday Night Lights from 5:30pm – 7:30pm. The last official afternoon class will be the 4:30pm class and we will be running heats for the remainder of the evening. Please bring in your friends and family to cheer you on.



1 x 3 @ 70%

1 x 3 @ 75%

2 x 3 @ 80%

1 x 3 @ 75%

CrossFit WOD

3 Rounds for Reps:

Calorie Row

Abmat Sit-Ups

Alt. KB Snatch (53/35)

Plank Knee to Elbow

Wall Sit with Slam Ball OH Hold (20/14)

Rest 1 minute

Notes: You will work for 1 minute at each station and rotate every minute gaining as many reps as possible for your score.

No WODs Posted

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