Thursday 01.15.15



1) Are your friends and family talking to you about all of their new year’s resolutions? Is joining a gym one of them? Come on down this Saturday, January 17th for our Friends & Family Day @ 10am. All of workouts are scalable for all fitness levels so that everyone gets in a good sweat for their personal ability level.

2) Is your New Year’s Resolution to start getting your lifestyle diet back on track from the holidays? We will be holding an 8 week Nutrition Challenge that will begin on February 2nd and end on March 27th. You will need to sign up for this challenge the week of January 26th – January 30th as all measurements and handouts will be taken/given this week only. Cost is $20.


UB Clean Deadlift + Hang Clean (knee)

4 x 3 @ 75%

CrossFit WOD


800 m Run

8 Muscle Ups

32 Alt. Pistols

400 m Run

8 Muscle Ups

32 Alt. Pistols

800 m Run

No WODs Posted

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