Thursday 01.08.15


Happy Birthday Anita Wong!

Happy Birthday Kelly Perez!


1) YOGA will be cancelled for both this Saturday (01.10.15) and next Monday (01.12) as Sam will be out of town on those dates. :(

2) One of our members, Liz, whose been taking Juice Plus for over 6 years now and has seen dramatic improvements in her health and fitness will be here THIS SATURDAY from 10am to 12pm to go over these products, answer all questions that you have and get you set up with this product which will be implemented in the Nutrition Challenge coming up. She will additionally be here NEXT MONDAY from 3pm – 7pm for those of you that can’t make it in over the weekend.


Bench Press

5 x 5 @ as heavy as possible

Pendlay Row

5 x 5 @ as heavy as possible

Notes: Alternate between the two movements for all sets

Endurance WOD

3 x 400 m Run

Rest 2 minutes between sets

3 x 200 m Run

Rest 1 minute between sets

Notes: You will have a 5 burpee penalty for a + or 1 second split time that is to be completed after completing all sets.

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