Friday 07.24.15



1. As you all know, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, The 2015 CrossFit Games are here. We will have only minor schedule changes. We are OPEN on Saturday, July 25th for all scheduled classes (Yoga, Bootcamp, Barbell, CrossFit) BUT we will close at 11:30am. Then we are CLOSED on Sunday, July 26th.


Bench Press

5 x 5 @ AHAP

Pendley Row

5 x 5 @ AHAP

Notes: Alternate between the two movements

Team WOD

2 Rounds For Total Reps/Distance:

KB Swings

Farmer Carry

Sled Push

Rope Climb

Tire Flip

Rest 2 minutes between rounds

Notes: You will work at each station for 2 minutes in a team of 3 athletes.

No WODs Posted

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